BCAA useful properties

Branched Chain Amino Acids, or BCAA for close friends, refers to 3 amino acids: valine, isoleucine and leucine. They can be found in any protein source, but in varying amounts.

Some believe that BCAAs are crucial for muscle building and recovery, while others will find that if found naturally in food sources of protein, there is no point in taking them as supplements.
As often, the truth lies somewhere between these two positions. Explanations.

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BAR and its useful qualities

How to choose your protein bar?
Protein bars
Among the most traditional food supplements, there are bars concentrated in proteins, practices to be tasted and which attract many consumers. However, what is hiding behind the many commercials that extol the extraordinary efficiency of their protein bar? Can they really help build muscle or, on the contrary, dry properly?
In reality, everything depends on the bar, because not all are of equal quality. To choose your protein bar, you must first dissect the list of ingredients and define your objectives.

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«STRIKE VITAMINS» FOR SPORTS and their useful properties

«STRIKE VITAMINS»: what is it?
«STRIKE VITAMINS» FOR SPORTS: a vital substance
The root of the word vitamin is “vita = life”. Vitamins are essential substances for the functioning of the human body. They have no energy value. Although their need is often infinitesimal, their deficiency poses problems, which can sometimes be serious. It is also the pathologies generated by the deficiencies that allowed their discovery.

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CREATINE «GOLD-STYLE» and its benefits

Creatine: pros and cons

What is creatine?
Creatine is a non-essential amino acid (which means that the body makes, so it is not essential to find in the diet). Creatine monohydrate is a dietary supplement used by athletes, both amateur and professional, to improve physical performance. The typical user of creatine is looking for a product that allows him to obtain more results from the exercise he practices: a well-cut musculature (aesthetic appearance) as well as an increased strength (performance aspect).

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BCAA for athletes and its useful properties


Some bodybuilders ask me via the forum or by email, if amino acids AND BCAA are the same thing and what’s the use of it to consume. I go in this article to detail everything you need to know about amino acids, BCAA, what they bring to the body, the interest for the athlete to consume, and especially when to take them to feel the effects.

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Casein protein and its properties

Milk protein is mainly involved in the recovery and increase of muscle mass. Some of them combine fast and progressive digestion, so their mixture offers satisfactory results. In addition, they can be taken between exercises to increase their effectiveness. The use of Protein is the most common, but it is thought to be heavy in its initial state. This is why substances are added to facilitate assimilation.

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Protein on the serum and its benefits

Collagen sharpens your curiosity?
Drop the whey, there is a new protein powder featured and according to the predictions of trends, it will be everywhere in 2017. Collagen has long been known as the ingredient in the composition of creams and anti-aging serums. It now appears as a novelty to add to your meals and drinks. The collagen that can be ingested appeared on the consumer market for the first time in the form of the famous drink called Paleo bone broth. It is now in the form of a powder called hydrolyzed collagen (or collagen peptides) and appears in the composition of all dishes and nutritional supplements.

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The Benefits of Protein Protein

The consumption of proteins is essential when one wants to gain muscle mass. Proteins play a vital role in the process of muscle growth and repair. As part of the bodybuilding, or muscle development, the consumption of protein is doubly recommended: it helps the renewal of muscles but also brings energy. Note that proteins digest more slowly than carbohydrates; they allow you to feel full longer.

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