“Strike vitamins” for sports




Testosterone boosters based on a 100% natural composition to effectively boost your muscle development.
Each dose of “Strike vitamins” contains 10 effective ingredients that have been clinically proven to work synergistically. They significantly increase the level of free testosterone in the body.

What results do you expect from “Strike vitamins”?
Stimulates testosterone to the maximum of naturally attainable values
Increases free testosterone levels
Improve your will and concentration in training
Increase the intensity of your workouts
Significant strength gain
Exceptional congestion
Optimal muscle development

What will I feel?
Each dose of “Strike vitamins” increases your testosterone levels. The first effects will be felt after a short week of treatment.

After 10 to 20 days of daily intake: Your testosterone level continues to increase gradually. Your workouts are more and more effective and you feel a congestion stronger and stronger. Physically, your muscle mass is growing.

After 3 weeks of daily intake: Your muscles are getting bigger and bigger, your performance is better than ever. Your strength and muscular endurance are exceptional.

Directions for use: Take 3 capsules “Strike vitamins” during the day and 3 capsules just before bedtime. For best results, take this supplement as a cure for a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks.


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