Premium protein





The ability of an athlete to succeed is measured largely by the ability of their body to recover effectively.

Premium Protein is a clinical-strength, extended release protein formula, specifically designed to keep you fueled with the right growth / recovery agents over long periods of time. This innovative blend provides the perfect combination of both fast-acting and sustained-release proteins with superior processed cold protein whey, easily absorbed egg albumin, and rich micellar casein protein sources. This strong synergistic blend helps promote optimal growth and recovery by providing the essential building blocks your body needs, when you need it most.

Superior Our tri-protein blend contains a generous set of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) in their natural biological relationships, to delay fatigue and speed up your recovery.

The benefits do not stop there. To make this recovery formula the most effective, we have improved with a powerful blend of digestive enzymes, including protein digestion proteins, to improve absorption and accelerate nutrient absorption. MCT Premium Protein Beneficial Fatty Acids help preserve lean body mass while releasing the natural metabolic potential of your body. And unlike some formulas, you’ll never have to worry about taking in bad weather. Stay fed all day or all night never had so good taste!



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