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Whey can be found in various foods, but can also be found as food supplements. Whey is available as a soluble powder that can be used to make a protein shake. You just have to mix the powder with a liquid of your choice. To date, no side effects related to the consumption of whey are known. Regarding lactose intolerance, Whey concentrate contains very little, much less for an isolate. Whey in the form of whey isolate contains only 1% lactose. Whey is also rich in BCAA, L-Glutamine, L-Leucine and L-Arginine. Thus, this milk protein has many benefits for bodybuilding and lean muscle gain.

Protein on serum is a nutritional supplement from cow’s milk. Praised by athletes not only for its stimulating action on muscle development but also for its effectiveness during dry periods, whey has a high content of amino acids and nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the body. Thanks to its anabolic properties, this fast diffusion protein allows the body to produce enough energy to increase the power during the effort and promote recovery after a weight training session.

What are the effects of whey?
– improvement of protein synthesis
– strengthening of natural defenses
– muscle growth and anti-catabolic action
– fast recovery after training
– regeneration of the muscles
– reduction of fatigue



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