L-carnitine “Tilex”




L-carnitine “Tilex” is an amino acid that contributes to normal lipid metabolism while contributing to fat burning and weight loss. Indeed, it will act by using the fat reserves for energy purposes during training. Thus, you will be able to preserve your glycogen reserves in the muscles to allow you to train harder and longer while optimizing your sports performances!

L-carnitine “Tilex” is an amino acid synthesized from lysine and methionine contained in the diet. However, the manufactured amount of L-Carnitine is far too low to be truly effective and provide all the desired benefits. For this, supplementation is essential! Packaged in the form of 1,49g L-Carnitine capsules, including 1g of L-carnitine “Tilex” for an accurate and easy dosing, it is a product recognized as effective in achieving your goals of weight loss and physical performance!

You will understand, L-Carnitina + activates the transport of fatty acids to mitochondria in order to reduce fat to use as a source of energy. In addition, considered as a fat carrier, this product optimizes the intensity of training, performance and endurance to allow you to surpass yourself with each workout! In summary, you will be able to train harder while losing fat easily in a goal of fat loss and weight!


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