BCAA for athletes




BCAA to protect your muscle mass.
During an intense muscular effort such as bodybuilding, the reserves of directly available energies  in the human body are quickly exhausted.

Once these reserves are exhausted, the body is then forced to degrade its own muscles to obtain amino acids (largely BCAA) to produce energy.

This is called catabolism, which means the destruction of muscle proteins, unlike the anabolism of creating protein for the muscles.

A supply of BCAA will therefore provide the body with a dose of branched amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) directly available.
The muscle catabolism will be partly to be completely avoided and your muscle mass preserved!

BCAAs to stimulate muscle development.
Of course, BCAA for athletes are not just about protecting your muscle mass during your workouts! They will also play a role in:

Improved protein synthesis, allowing your body to recover faster post training and accelerate muscle gain.
The reduction of fatigue through the inhibition of serotonin responsible for brain fatigue, to train you harder and longer.
To support these words, here are two very interesting studies that have recently been conducted to determine the role of BCAA’s in bodybuilding construction.

It is therefore obvious that BCAAs are essential for bodybuilding practitioners wishing to optimize their muscle development.

But it’s important to know when to take BCAA’s to maximize their effectiveness!

The best time to take BCAA is around your weight training: before, during and after. In order to optimize the efficiency of these amino acids, we advise you to:

Drink a shaker of whey protein just after your session. This post-training shaker will bring you BCAAs as well as all the amino acids that your body needs.


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