Creatine “Gold-style”




Creatine “Gold-style”

Creatine has been the subject of many scientific studies and it has been universally recognized that this supplement offers the best potential for increased strength and resistance, up to 15% in speed sports but also in sports of speed. intensive bodybuilding, even in the short term.

Why use creatine monohydrate?Creatine “Gold-steal” is ideal for bodybuilders who need explosive strength up to athletes involved in speed sports.

You want to gain strength? Increase your training and become explosive? Do you want to develop your muscle mass? Creatine in bodybuilding is considered one of the most effective supplements to gain maximum strength and volume. The purest and best known form is creatine monohydrate, which has been used by all athletes for many years (footballers, sprinters, strength, bodybuilders, etc.).

It increases the resynthesis of ATP, an energy molecule that allows the muscle to work more intensely and explosively and recover from this effort much more quickly. Supplementing with a creatine bodybuilding boost allows you to develop much more strength and execute the training with maximum intensity to cause the manufacture of new muscle fibers that will result in an effective volume increase.

You want more information about different types of creatine and bodybuilding (creatine monohydrate, creatine malate, kre-alcalyne, creatine HCL …), the effects of creatine, take their use see.



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