Casein protein and its properties

Milk protein is mainly involved in the recovery and increase of muscle mass. Some of them combine fast and progressive digestion, so their mixture offers satisfactory results. In addition, they can be taken between exercises to increase their effectiveness. The use of Protein is the most common, but it is thought to be heavy in its initial state. This is why substances are added to facilitate assimilation.

During the bodybuilding sessions, athletes need milk proteins. First, the body develops its muscle mass under the impulse of exercises that consume the majority of muscular energy. Thus, the organization will anticipate the next sessions by increasing its mass to prevent brutal fatigue and accidents. However, our daily diet is not enough to provide the necessary protein dose, so we must use dietary supplements to fill this gap. The most famous protein from milk is Whey, also known as Whey Vitamin. It is ideal for quick recovery, right after training. Therefore, it is recommended to take it before the sessions, but the quantity must not exceed 15 grams. In fact, one will have feelings of heaviness, if one exceeds the prescribed dose, because it is effective only a very short time. If we plan exercises before the meal, we can take a small amount after his session to extend his properties until the end of the meal. The problem with whey is that it does not contribute to the slow digestion that acts on the weight gain. Therefore, we will use the casein which is the second milk protein.

Casein, a long-acting protein
While Whey is only active for a few hours, casein lasts 24 to 48 hours depending on dosage. It acts mainly on the metabolic process that exhausts the muscles because of the physical efforts. As a result, casein slows down this process, which means less fatigue and more readiness for future sessions. In general, its range is 8 hours, but it is often accompanied by energy drinks to increase its effectiveness. It can be taken at any time of the day due to its versatility, but it is recommended to take it at night if you plan exercises during the middle of the day and vice versa if you train at night. This last case is the most frequent, so we will take casein during his lunch to assimilate perfectly until the evening. Studies show that it has minimal impact on the anabolic process, so you should also take Whey to benefit from both properties. Thus, one will increase quickly his muscular mass while managing his fatigue even for prolonged efforts.

How much milk protein a day?
We see that milk proteins contribute quickly to muscle development and to a perfect management of fatigue, but the problem is that we must not exceed a certain dose. The milk-based substances are heavy due to their animal origin, so we must not exceed 50 grams for a weight of 90 kg. As a result, these proteins are not always effective, especially if fast results are desired, so high energy products are recommended. They always have the milk protein, but they are filtered to preserve their purity, and we will have the maximum of energy with a minimum amount. These products contain up to 5 simultaneous proteins, which increases their properties tenfold. The only downside is that they are not recommended for beginners because of the protein / exercise ratio which means that we will have undesirable results if the amount of protein is disproportionate to the frequency of the exercises.

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